About Us

History in brief

  • The establishment of the company dates back to 1999. At its birth was Michal Kenis, who at that time worked with Mr. Jaroslav Budil who gave him extensive experience in manufacture of pipes. These experiences are based on long tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. It is only the  manual work and before one organ pipe is made, a master pipe maker must turn it in his hands countless times. It is not needed to write about the significance of organ pipes because without them the pipe organ as a "royal instrument" would lose its charm. We are therefore proud to be a part of this noble instrument.







Michal Kenis, Dis.

  • studied The artistic organ school in Hradec Králové and then after passing graduation exams, he spent one school year in Rieger-Kloss in Krnov, where he took further exams. His studies, however, did not end, followed by studies at the Higher Pedagogical School, where he remained devoted to music, and after passing graduation exams he started to deal with pipe manufacture.