Flue pipes

Flue metal pipes consist of the following parts: tuning roll, pipe body, upper lip, languid, lower lip, foot, toe, ears.

Types of flue pipes:

  • Open – cylindrical (Principals, Flutes, Strings, Mixtures)
  • Conical
  • Tapered
  • Combined


  • Stopped – cylindrical (Nachthorn, Gedeckt, Bourdon, Quintadena)
  • Conical (Spitz Gedeckt)
  • Combined (Clarinet)


  • Chimney – with chimney extensions (Rohr Flute, Rohr Gedeckt)
  • With conical extensions (Coppel Flute, Spill Flute)


Mouth shapes:

  • Roman
  • Triangular bayleaf
  • Parallel
  • Gothic - so called ogee mouth
  • Double mouth
  • Triangular
  • Pentagonal


The flue pipes can be combined in any way with regard to the upper and lower mouth and body shape. For example, we can make scored upper lip and soldered raised lower lip mostly used on facade pipes. Eeverything depends on customer´s wish.

We use material according to the customer´s wish. There is the organ metal (tin-lead alloy), copper, zinc and brass. Our company has rich experiences with all materials.